The Best Gaming Keyboards of 2017

April 18, 2017 | Keyboards |

The Best Keyboards For Competitive Gamers

A gaming keyboard is a gamer’s best friend. The gaming keyboard is the key component that is responsible for controlling your actions during the gameplay. The Best Gaming keyboards come in all shapes and sizes. Users are spoiled for choice, as there are hundreds of gaming keyboards that are currently available in the market. Choosing the right keyboard entirely depends upon your personal preferences. Until recently, the keyboard choices for a gamer were limited to membrane keyboards, but now mechanical keyboard are also readily available and they provide Steller gaming performance.

Topre Realforce RGB

The Topre Realforce RGB is a membrane keyboard capable of holding its own in front of all the mechanical keyboards. It comes bundled with smooth and high quality Topre switches with double shot keycaps. It has a premium build quality and has a very stable footing. Essentially the Topre Switch is an enhanced Rubber dome switch. It also comes with variable actuation points with three different sensitivity levels including 1.3mm, 2mm or 3mm. For fans of the good old membrane feel, this is the best option available in the market.

 G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 RGB

The G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 RGB is an excellent budget gaming keyboard. It provides tremendous value for money. It comes with RGB cherry MX switches. You can opt for a Cherry MX Red, Blue or brown variant. This keyboard also supports many other handy features such as extra macros, USB pass-through, a comfortable wrist rest and swappable keycaps. All these features combined make it a well-rounded package suitable for anyone on a low budget.

Corsair Vengeance K95 RGB

The Corsair Vengeance K95 RGB is a high-end keyboard aimed at gaming enthusiasts. It packs every feature that you come to expect from a top of the line keyboard. It comes bundled with very fast cherry mx speed switches, rugged build quality, a comfortable wrist rest and extra sets of keycaps. It also comes with useful extra features such as dedicated media controls, USB walkthrough, metallic volume wheel, RGB lightening, and textured keycaps for the WASD keys. This keyboard is suitable for every genre of gaming and is a good investment if you want a future proof gaming keyboard that will last a long time.

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma

The Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma is a compact gaming keyboard. This keyboard is a stripped down version of the RAZER BlackWidow Chroma. It lacks any extra macro keys, number pad, USB pass-through and audio plugs. However, that is expected as it comes in a very sleek and compact body. The product reflects a high level of craftsmanship. It comes with Razer’s latest and greatest mechanical switches, a detachable cable and a carrying case. It still packs the 16.8 million customizable colour options that made the original one a huge hit among gamers. This setting allows you to define your very own key zone lightening effects and allows full control of the keyboard backlight. If you are in the market for a compact gaming keyboard, this product is worth a look.

Differences between Membrane and Mechanical keyboards:

To understand the differences between Mechanical and Membrane keyboards, first you have to understand how a basic keyboard operates. When you press a key, it is registered by the electronics present on the board and then sent to your PC where it is converted to text.

In the case of membrane gaming keyboards, a thin film of rubber or silicon separates your key from the electronic circuit. When you hit a key, the membrane depresses, thus allowing the contacts to meet and register the keystroke. The key only has two active levels and those are up and down, it is not possible to press a key any other desired level.

In mechanical gaming keyboards however, there is no membrane. Each individual key comes with a mechanical switch that can move up and down. Each key comes with a metal actuator and a spring that depresses when clicked and returns back to original position after the completion of a stroke. Mechanical keyboards register key strokes when the key is halfway down, not when it is completely at the bottom.

Points to keep in mind before buying a Gaming Keyboard:

There are many important points to keep in mind before buying a gaming keyboard, things such as key switches, illumination and budget play a big role in your selection. Given below are some important things to look at before purchasing a gaming keyboard:

  • Mechanical Switches

If your budget is not tight, it is highly suggested that you opt for a mechanical keyboard for gaming. Mechanical switches are a key component of a gaming keyboard and they can greatly alter your gaming experience. There are many different kinds of mechanical switches and the most common ones are given below:

Cherry MX Blue.

Cherry MX Brown.

Cherry MX Clear.

Cherry MX Red.

Cherry MX Black.

Two things, the actuation force and tactile feedback primarily differentiate these switches.

The actuation force is defined as the amount of force that is required to move the keys. The tactile feedback is the amount of audible feedback that you get from the keyboard after successful completion of a keystroke. The choice of switches entirely depends upon your personal preferences.

  • LED Illumination

Initially this feature was just considered a fancy cosmetic application. However, this feature has greatly evolved and gamers nowadays consider this a good add-on for their keyboards. Users can opt for keyboards with no backlighting, one colour backlight or full RGB backlighting. Some keyboards also offer customizable backlight for the keys that can come in handy in case of certain games. This feature is a good one, but not a must have, your first priority should always be the quality of keys, keyboards with LED illumination can set you back a good premium over non-backlit keyboards.

  • Comfort level

The comfort level of a keyboard is a very important thing as the keyboard is the component of the PC that you are going to use the most during gaming. Therefore, it is very important that your keyboard is comfortable to use for prolonged periods.

  • Extra Bells and Whistles

Extra features such as extra macro keys and touch bars are also available on some keyboards. However, you should keep in mind your budget before considering extra features on your keyboard.