3 Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2017

April 16, 2017 | Mouse Pads |

Gaming Mouse Pads For Competitive Gamers

The Mouse Pads are a component that has been often overlooked by gamers, as they do not consider it a useful investment and mostly use their gaming mice without any mouse pads. However, using your gaming mouse on odd surfaces reduces the sensitivity and longevity of it. This is where a mouse pad steps in. The Best Gaming Mouse pads offer a great level of smoothness for your mouse over any surface possible. The mouse pads are made of high quality materials that degrade slowly over time most good mouse pads contain small mesh lines that allow your mouse to move with a high level of precision.

SteelSeries QcK Heavy

The SteelSeries QcK Heavy is a high quality sidekick for your mouse manufactured by one of the most reliable gaming accessory brands. It has a soft body material and can be bought in multiple size options. It has a smooth microfiber front with embroidered edges and a resistive back material. The mouse pad is very comfortable to use for prolonged periods and can be used for games of all genres. It is a great buy for anyone looking for a premium mouse pad at a pocket friendly price.

Corsair MM600

The Corsair MM600 is a beautifully crafted hard body gaming mouse pad. It has a unique dual sided hard surface. It comes with a study aluminium core that ensures its longevity. The reversible shape allows you to switch between a smooth or rough surface at any time. The rubberized corners give it excellent grip and stability at all times. Both of the surfaces are made of high quality materials and ensure a high level of grip and control of the mouse. All these features make it a well-rounded product that is worth every penny of tis asking price. If you are in the market for a high quality, versatile mouse pad, this product should be on top of your buying list.

Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris

If you are looking for a futuristic looking mouse pad that is capable of matching the good looks of your gaming rig, then this offering from Corsair is worth a look. It comes with all the normal features that you would expect from a premium hard surface mouse pad including a high quality surface and high level of control, however, this comes with a feature that most of them lack. It comes with 15-zone customizable RGB LED lighting. The lighting can easily be controlled via a software. It comes with a USB pass-through port and has the ability to sync with other corsair products as well. It costs a bit high for a mousepad. However, the attractive design and wealth of features make it a great buy.

What is the difference between using a mouse with and without a mouse pad?

Modern gaming mice offer high levels of sensitivity and control to the user. However, using them over rough or odd surfaces decreases their life span and their levels of sensitivity over time. Mouse pads on the other hand offer a high quality surface area for your mouse to roam around freely with a high level of precision. Mouse pads also make using the mouse a bit more comfortable thanks to their water and dust proof nature. They also increase the life of your mouse as instead of using your mouse on a rough surface, you are using it on a surface specifically designed for using mice. The best way to see the difference is using a mouse during games with and without a mouse pad one after another.

Differences between Gaming mouse pads and normal mouse pads:

There are three main differences between normal mouse pads and mouse pads specifically made for gaming:

  1. Longevity
  2. Comfort
  3. Sensitivity


Mouse pads that are specifically made for gaming are manufactured by making use of high quality materials. They last quite a bit longer than your average mouse pads due to the high level of build quality. They also help increase the life of your gaming mouse by providing a specially designed surface area to use the mouse that reduces the amount of friction.


Gaming mouse pads offer a high level of comfort to the user thanks to their ergonomic design and smooth surface area. Most gaming mouse pads come with a rugged design that is also water and dust proof. Using a mouse pad during prolonged gaming sessions helps reduce the amount of stress applied on hands and the body of the mouse.


Gaming mice reduce the amount of friction between the mouse and surface area used for operating the mouse. They help the mouse reach its optimal level of sensitivity. They come with an invisible mesh with lines printed on their body. The mice track this mesh and offer a great level of control and sensitivity by tracking it.

Points to keep in mind before buying a gaming mouse pad:

There are several points to keep in mind before buying a mouse pad for gaming. Some of the important points to consider are given below:

Type of mouse pad:

There are many different types of mouse pads available differentiated by their build and body materials. The two main types of mouse pads are soft and hard mouse pads.

Soft mouse pads are usually made of rubber composite or foam and come with a fabric cover. Soft mouse pads provide a cushioning under the mouse.

Hard mouse pads mostly come with rubber backing and a smooth plastic surface area. They offer a high level of precision and allow for quick movement.

However, at the end of the day, the choosing of a type entirely depends on the personal preference of the gamer.

 Functionality and features:

It is a good idea to invest in a mouse pad that has a rugged build as it is going to be used quite a bit. Features such as water and dust proof body are worth a premium. The size of the mousepad entirely depends upon the gamer. Extra features such as USB pass-through and LED lightening are of secondary importance, if you have the budget, then go for these features, otherwise, just try to get a mouse pad with high quality build and good size.