The Best Gaming Monitors Ever

April 12, 2017 | Monitors |

Best Gaming Displays Buyer’s Guide

For every gamer, the monitor is one of the most important components of their Gaming PC. Building a gaming PC is just the first step, getting something to handle and present that power on screen is the second step. Skimping on a gaming monitor is never a good idea as even a tiny bit of lag can turn out to be the difference between victory and defeat. With recent technological advancements, the best gaming monitors have reached a level of near perfect accuracy thanks to high resolutions, decent pixel response and good refresh rates.

Best 144Hz  Gaming Monitors

For serious gamers, the 144Hz displays are the way to go. The offer a high refresh rate and very low response times. For professional gamers these features are very important as even a tiny bit of lag can lead to a defeat in a game. Given below are some of the best 144Hz gaming monitors currently available for purchase:

Asus RoG Swift PG279Q

The Asus RoG Swift PG279Q is a monitor manufactured primarily for the cause of gaming. Thus, it offers a response time of 4ms, good levels of brightness, a crisp 27-inch AHVA screen with a 1440p resolution and a 165Hz refresh rate. It also comes with the NVidia G-Sync adaptive-refresh technology. All of this is packed into a compact body that comes with a strong build quality. For gamers looking for a high end gaming monitor in a mid-range budget, this offering from ASUS is worth a look.

BenQ XR3501

The BenQ XR3501 is a 35-inch gaming monitor that comes with a 1080p high contrast AMVA panel. It offers stunning looks with a curved body and supreme build quality. It comes with ample amount of curved screen estate and a 144Hz refresh rate that makes it great for both entertainment and gaming. The large screen size and crisp AMVA panel make it a good buy for anyone looking for a curved gaming monitor with a large display.


The AOC G2460PQU offers a good bang for your buck. It is one of the most affordable monitors offering a 144Hz refresh rate. It comes with a 24-inch 1080p TN panel. It offers a very low response time of just 1ms. Out of the box, it offers one of the most accurate screens in the price range. Thanks to all these features, it offers a very smooth gaming performance in 1080p with very low input lag. For people with a low budget, this is one of the best offerings currently on the market.

Best Budget 60Hz Gaming Monitors

For casual gamers, a normal 60Hz gaming display is more than enough as it gets the job done on a low budget. For the most commonly used 60Hz monitors, screen sizes range anywhere from 24 to 34 inches. Given below are some of the best 60Hz gaming monitors available in different budgets and screen sizes:

BenQ VZ2470H

The BenQ VZ2470 is a very stylish and affordable 24-inch monitor. It comes with an AMVA panel with a maximum screen resolution of 1920×1080. It has a 4ms response time which is more than enough for most casual gamers. This BenQ monitor has a very stylish bezel-less display that makes it a joy to use. The display is very high contrast and colour accuracy is very good. It is worth buying for anyone who is looking for a stylish 24-inch monitor that does not break the bank.


The NEC EA275UHD is a 27-inch monitor with a bright and crisp 4k 60Hz IPS screen. It comes with a response time of 6ms and offers complete control of the display through OCD. The bipolar nature of this monitor allows it to be used for both work and entertainment. This is a big selling point of this device. It offers excellent colour saturation and contrast. For most casual users who want the perfect blend of price, performance and build quality, this product is a great buy.

Dell U3415W

The Dell U3415W has been positively received by both critics and fans alike. This is all due to its beautiful 34inch curved 4k IPS display that offers wide viewing angles, high levels of brightness, good sharpness and excellent colour accuracy. It is a joy to look at thanks to the stylish design. It has visibly no input lag with a response time of 5ms. All the features combined make it a well-rounded package and an excellent option for people who are looking for a monitor with ample screen estate.

What is a Gaming Monitor?

A gaming monitor is a monitor that is manufactured primarily for the cause of gaming. Compared to a normal monitor, a gaming monitor offers better response time and refresh rate. Faster response time is responsible for reducing the amount of blur on the screen and refresh rate increases the number of frames that can be displayed on the monitor. This results in a quicker and more fluid picture.

Points to keep in mind before buying a Gaming Monitor:

There are many different points that one should keep in mind before purchasing a Gaming monitor, some of those points are given below:

Screen Resolution

This option is entirely dependent upon the specifications of your gaming PC, if your PC can handle games at higher resolution, then getting a 1440p or 4k monitor would be a good idea, as it will offer a very high quality picture.

Panel Technologies

Depending upon your budget, you can opt for panels with different technologies. Twisted Nematic (TN) panels are the most common and affordable ones, for the price, they offer great quality with fast pixel responses and refresh rates. In the Mid to the higher budget range, you can opt for panels with Vertical Alignment (VA) or In-Plane Switching (IPS) technologies. Both have their Pros and Cons, both produce excellent colours and have good contrast ratios, IPS screens are known for their wide viewing angles, VA screens are known for their high contrast ratios and they produce deep blacks. VA screens can sometimes produce ghosting effects while IPS panels are subject to motion artefacts.

Refresh rate and Pixel Response

These two are the two of the most important things to look at before purchasing a gaming monitor. A low pixel response time is very important for a gaming monitor as it helps produce a smoother overall picture. It is measured in milliseconds and it shows the time that a pixel takes to move from one shade of grey to another. For gaming, monitors with a response rate of 2 or fewer milliseconds are ideal.
The refresh rate of a monitor is defined as the time a monitor takes to redraw the entire screen. It is measured in Hertz (Hz). The most common refresh rates in gaming monitors nowadays are 60Hz and 144Hz. For professional gamers, monitors with refresh rates above 120Hz are suggested as low refresh rate may cause screen tearing.

G-SYNC and FreeSync

The latest top-tier monitors make use of modern technologies such as G-SYNC and FreeSync. This synchronization technology reduces the screen tearing and lowers the input lag. Displays coming with this technology provide the control of Refresh rate to your GPU instead of the Monitor. This allows the monitor to work with a variable refresh rate and allows for a very smooth overall gaming experience.